Saturday, July 8, 2017

Boho Shift Dress + Getting Back on Track

It's funny when we realize we've gone off track of our normal routine, schedule, goals, etc. we're already so far off that track it's hard to get back on. Maybe you were looking to apply for another job but got too comfortable where you're at now and lost sight of your career path. Maybe you had a fitness goal in mind but something came up and threw off your routine. Maybe you were working towards a hobby you loved but something got in the way that set it on the back burner.

Whatever it may be, take a second to think about what even sparked your interest to get to that end goal in the first place? Was it someone who motivated you? A movie, a song, a pep talk, etc.? Get back to that feeling, re-energize yourself and make the next step to get back on that track. Do something for yourself. It's so easy to get consumed in daily routines, making time for friends or a significant other that you don't put yourself first.

Maybe you won't be going full speed ahead but at least turn your mind around to get the rest of your body going back in the right direction, too.

In today's post I'm sharing this super, silky soft shift dress from Target. I love this gorgeous boho print at the neckline and hem of the dress - it's super flattering and stands out so much you barely have to think about accessories! I threw on a pair of hoop earrings and some killer heels - also from Target - and felt good to go.

How gorgeous is this print!? I am LOVING Target's selection this season. I feel like it's pretty hit or miss for me but I am definitely loving every piece they have this summer. Someone stop me! Freeze my cards!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Olive + Gold | Taking Chances

Happy Wednesday!

A few weeks back I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I like to think that I'm a very easy going person for the most part and try to find a silver lining and be grateful for every day + opportunity that comes my way. For a few months I started realizing how unhappy I was with my living situation, work and life balance + realizing all my friends were living in different areas of the state and even country. It's a lot to process once adult life finally hits you but if you're feeling like you've been chugging along for weeks on end, waiting for the day to come when you're going to be able to live a life different than what you have now, you need to take the first step.

Whatever it may be, a new job, a new hobby, moving out, ending or beginning a relationship, do it for yourself. It's so easy to give and give yourself until you're spread too thin. Don't lose sight of your career goals, travel ambitions, relationships you want to make or improve. I hope this tiny, simple quote brings you joy and gets you out of the dirt, wherever that may be.

Today I'm sharing this super simple yet stately date night outfit with a few of my favorite pieces for summer.

I love that H&M's basics last for years.. I purchased this top almost 4 or 5 years ago and it has been a closet staple for me. They always carry very similar cuts and styles.

I finally sucked up and bought some real almost-adult shorts (haha!) I have been in denial for years that I need longer shorts but I finally gave up and bought these super comfy midi shorts from American Eagle. I also own these white (from my previous post here).

This gorgeous BaubleBar necklace has been my favorite piece of jewelry all summer long. I love the boho style and pairing it with long, v-neck type shirts or off the shoulder tops.

These Steve Madden sandals aren't on DSW's website anymore but I was able to find them on Macy's! They are super practical for date nights when you want to be dressed up but still comfortable walking around. Funny story: I had been wearing these incorrectly for MONTHS until I was facetiming my friend Julia and we found out the bow should be in the back.. oops!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cotton Candy Summer + Take a Deep Breath

Every year I look forward to Geneva Swedish Days downtown.. Most people get aggravated, annoyed and claustrophobic when being in large, noisy crowds or around too many kids and families. I love seeing so many happy people coming together, relaxing after work and enjoying the sun and music. Sometimes it just takes a few moments for your brain to chill out, open your mind and see that not everything has to be your way.

You don't need to get fed up if you're walking through a crowd. You'll get there in the end. You don't need to lose your cool standing in a long line, waiting for something you're not entitled for. Enjoy the space you're in, have fun with the people you're spending time with! Take a moment to let any pent up anger go and just enjoy the summer night. Learning how to be more easy-going and care-free when it comes to the smallest of things like that can set you free.

In today's post I'm sharing this super sweet, pastel look - perfect for summer days at the carnival. This top is new at Target this month. Although I couldn't find the exact top online, there are some SUPER cute similar ones here and here. I love these cold -shoulder tops, especially with the bow-tie detail on the sleeves. This top is super flattering for small chested girls (like me! oh ya!) and dinner dates when the good Lord knows you haven't been workin' on ya core this summer.

These shorts from Express are new this month as well - exact pair here. AND 40%! Yahoo! These mid-rise shorts are super comfy and are a bit more of a sturdier fabric, so they're great for more dressed-up events. 

These flats are carried on anymore but I found some similar pairs here and here. I love these ankle strap-type flats because they're super flattering, even if your feet are, like, a yard long like mine (ha!).

Let the little things go. Enjoy the space and place you're in with the people you love.

Pictures by Alexandra Lee Photo

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