Monday, May 15, 2017

Making Fitness FUN

Fitness. To some it is a regular part of everyday life. To others, it can be extremely daunting. I've definitely been on both ends of that, but have slowly made lifestyle choices to head me into a healthier, happier direction. Today's post is all about making fitness a fun part of your daily routine and some links to my favorite videos, apps and clothing to hopefully inspire you to take a few minutes or hours each day JUST for YOU.

Last summer I had joined a nearby gym and started to dive a little bit into fitness to start leading a healthier lifestyle. It wasn't until a series of (we've all been there), traumatic break ups and low points that I wanted to really make some physical and mental changes. I started working with an (awesome) trainer and slowly started seeing some progress in my muscle gain and most importantly, my mental state. I really surprised myself with how much I was actually capable of achieving. I now have a routine down and am so happy I have dedicated time to zone out of work, personal life, and anything else going on during the day to just focus on myself for (at least!) an hour. 

My favorite Youtube/Fitness Accounts:

Great for blasting fat, HIIT workouts, etc. I focus more on heavier weights + little cardio but I love their pictures, videos, yoga routines, etc. Every year they do their Bikini Series program to get you in shape for the summer season - live workouts, recipes, social media giveaway, etc.

She has SO many awesome videos for different scenarios i.e. Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Digestion. I recommend her 30 days of yoga, taking a few minutes each day for an entire month to introduce to the practice of yoga if you aren't sure where to start.

I would say this could be considered a series for those looking to really SWEAT. They have a ton of different videos with longer durations and it's really to do them with no weights or heavier weights.

I wish I could be friends with her in real life, she is so realistic and funny! I love her workouts because they're actually at a gym and her Instagram clips are great if you want to try something new at the last minute.

-- Instagram --

This girl is RIPPED. She is the ultimate definition of fitness mom goals to me (ha!) and she has some really great gym workout clips that I bookmark on the app for when I'm out of ideas, or just need a swift kick to the booty to get some motivation going.

Can I please live where she lives? This girl is always hiking, biking, running, or doing yoga in Colorado with the most gorgeous views! --Major girl crush on all her cute fitness outfits, too--

This account is my favorite source for unique leg and booty gain workouts from other Instagram users. Again, I bookmark these on the app when I need some new ideas!

-- Apps, Other --

I love this app because of how much more accurate it is to myfitnesspal. It's also more visually appealing, easier to search for different foods, it sends you reminders and also has meal plans with their premium version.

I typically choose Marshall's as my go-to for fitness clothes. I love the brand 90 Degree by Reflex because of how soft and long their leggings are. Their tank tops are super fitted, too which is great. 

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