Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jeggings > Jeans

If anyone were to pull open the drawers of my wardrobe, it wouldn't be a surprise to find that I only own maybe two or three REAL pairs of jeans. I have praised American Eagle jeggings for years and I will wear them to my grave (haha!)

They are seriously so so comfy. I have bought the black ones four times (actually stocked up in fear that they would discontinue them), then rejoiced when I knew they weren't actually going to and had them in multiple colors. I just bought these super cute, muted pink ones this season! They had a BOGO sale and I definitely wanted to take advantage of it.

They are the perfect mix of jean and legging but slightly more legging material. I love that they don't sit too high or too low at the waist and they're perfect with light, flowy tops. They have a couple knit pairs that they feature in fall/winter that are perfect for the cold weather but this pink pair is a lighter fabric - great for spring!


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