Friday, March 17, 2017

Cheers to the weekend! St. Patrick's Day outfit

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm proud to carry Irish blood from my beautiful Grandma Sally. Cheers to the weekend!

In today's post, I'm wearing this super detailed and flowy top from Altar'd State. The intricate design and lightweight fabric make this perfect for spring. The tank top is pretty long so I can't image wearing it with shorts in the summertime but right now it's perfect with some leggings or jeans, boots and a cardigan or open knit sweater.

Thanks Alex for my beautiful blog pictures!

In today's post I also wanted to sneak in some favorite pictures of my Grandma Sally. I get my curly hair and freckles from my dad's side of the family so thought it was only appropriate to wish her a happy St. Patrick's Day in heaven! My grandma was always sending us St. Paddy's day cards, jewelry, pins, etc. and I am forever grateful that she reminded us who we are and where our ancestors have been.

Love love love these white flowy tanks for spring. Altar'd State is definitely one of my new favorite stores. The one I went to was in Oakbrook, IL and they had such a huge selection! Their dressing rooms were to die for as well - everything was shabby chic inspired with lemons, pretty lights and gorgeous upholstery. 




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