Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Cozy with Pastel Pink

The one answer I give to everyone when they're asking how to build a wardrobe is so simple: Find what you feel good in.
What colors are you drawn to and feel most like yourself in? What complements your skin tone, hair color and figure? Build off of that to create simple looks that you can wear for years and you will always be happy, comfortable and humble with how you feel. 

Lately I have found I feel most like myself with soft colors and neutrals. This color block scarf from Marshall's is the perfect accessory for winter months transitioning to spring. I love the soft, muted pinks and shades of gray because that means you can wear it with similar colored pants, tops and accessories without overthinking anything.

I bought these matte black Hunter boots from my friend's mom a few months back and I'm surprised at how much use I have actually got out of them! They are so easy to throw on and I really like the matte vs glossy finish. They are a bit dirty here but that just means they got a lot of love, right?

Hat - Target
Top - Hollister Co.
Sunglasses and Pants - AE

Blogging secret: That Starbucks is totally empty, I just found it in the car.. Ha!
On a scale of one to ten how White Girl did I get with this look?

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