Thursday, February 16, 2017

Everyday Curls - Hot Tools Curling Iron

In today's post I'm sharing my everyday curls and how SUPER simple it is to get this look. I pretty much wear my hair like this everyday - pinned half up, half down. Since these are bigger curls, it takes way less time to do my hair.

Here I'm using a Hot Tools 1.25" barrel curling iron that I picked up from Ulta. It's super easy to handle, I love how quick it is to heat up and curl - plus the cast and design just makes it visually more appealing to use than my gross, junky $15 curling iron from Walgeen's that's probably older than some of the kids I nanny, haha!

Be sure to spray your hair, focusing on the ends where the iron will sit the longest. I'm using the Tresemme extra strength heat protectant spray and my Wet Brush to comb the product through my hair.

Now you can start curling! Take wide pieces, wrap around the barrel at least twice and then roll the barrel up your head a bit more so everything - even the ends - are wrapped up. I don't slowly pull the ends out for this look like I usually do. Just hold for 5-6 seconds - or until you smell burning hair (just kidding), and release. DON'T BRUSH THROUGH.

aaaaaand you're done! Be sure to curl all the hair TOWARDS your face and do NOT brush out the curls. When you're done you'll notice the hair is pretty weighted - separate the crown of your hair, add some hairspray and tease, tease, tease until your a little bit closer to god.

Once your hair is higher than a kite, smooth down the top part and hold with bobby pins. Voila! A super simple hairstyle that's perfect for any and every occasion. Spray all over to hold and you're good to go! No midwest weather will be able to stand a chance against this 'do.

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