Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas in Seattle: Weekend Girl's Trip Part 2

Part two of our weekend girl's trip in Seattle continues -- if you missed part 1 you can read on here.

Saturday Morning

Since we were still of course on Central time, we woke up starving and ready for breakfast around 4AM. Our Airbnb was really close to the main downtown area so we were able to walk to the nearby restaurants. We ended up choosing Skillet, in Capitol Hill. This was such a fun little diner to eat in. Everything was really clean, the staff was friendly and the menu was pretty modern. 

Breakfast Your Way: Eggs, potatoes, bacon and a baguette with jam and butter, plus caramelized grapefruit on the side. Jamie ordered their fruit + granola with greek yogurt and two eggs. She loved this granola so much she almost asked them if she could buy it locally, ha ha..

After our breakfast we knew we wanted to head off towards the Space Needle. Jamie had brought up that she wanted to buy some local coffee so we stopped into Victrola Coffee House, a small coffee shop on Pike street. Not even two minutes after walking out of this coffee house we found the Starbucks ReserveRoastery and Tasting Room, not even a block away.

Here they roast all their reserve coffees, you can sit at the coffee bar and try some really unique menu items and buy merchandise only available at their storefront. The Reserve Roastery is decorated with a mid-century modern feel and is filled with copper pipes and exposed roastery equipment.

Here's a pro tip: Don't get too proud thinking you'll be exercising and saving money by walking 4 miles in the wind and rain with heavy snow boots and a ridiculous backpack with bags of souvenirs.  

Once we finally made it up to the Space Needle, we spent awhile just walking around the viewing areas, taking pictures, facetiming our family and enjoying the breathtaking views. On one side of the Space Needle is a view of downtown, walk a bit further and you see Elliott Bay and a view of Bainbridge Island. 

After the Space Needle we headed back towards Pike's Place for a pizza lunch at Alibi Room with wine and a moscow mule. Our pizzas were so good and it was the perfect warm comfort food we needed after trekking in the rain. We also saw the infamous gum wall and picked up a bakery for the walk back to our Airbnb before we gave up and finally called an Uber, haha! 

After a smallish nap or two, we spent the afternoon just lounging around in the apartment for awhile until we made plans to go to Rock Box, a Japanese Karaoke Bar in Capitol Hill. We had such a great time in our little karaoke booth, we ordered their holiday gingerbread shots and both had sangrias. If you've never experienced Japanese style karaoke and have a chance to, you will not regret it.

After karaoke, we roamed the streets and found a fast food place Dick's, where we both had a burger and continued walking to find another bar. Being the planner I am, I had actually seen or watched a documentary on every place we went to in Seattle. It was really fun to run into all of these places and mentally check them off my list even when we didn't plan any of it.

We ended the night at this insane bar, Unicorn, where everything is circus-themed and we had an extremely inappropriately named drink which I will not name :) One of the coolest bars we had ever been to and we found out the bar tender is actually from Chicago as well!

The next morning we packed up our luggage, headed to Biscuit Bitch in Pioneer Square and then made our way right down the street to the train station to catch our flight back home.

Thanks for following along on our mini weekend getaway! If you missed our Seattle Bites video, you can watch it here

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