Thursday, June 29, 2017

Club Master

Happy Thursday!

After feeling sick for weeks upon weeks I'm finally getting back into blogging again.. Today I'm sharing a chic yet super casual summer look with some of my favorite accessories. These Ray-Ban Club Master sunglasses are so easy to pair with anything and fit my tiny child sized head perfectly.

I have worn this button down top so many times I'm surprised there aren't holes or tears in it. Button-ups are by far my favorite type of shirt to wear. They're SO comfy and I love that stores carry them in so many prints and colors. If you guessed this top is from Hollister then you guessed correctly my friend ;) Their tops are very form fitting to me which is great when you want the sleeves to be a bit more snug and the torso not too wide.

DSW doesn't list store-only items on their website BUT I was able to find these (similar) super comfy, gorgeous loafers on sale at PriceFalls for less than $50! I'm pretty picky when it comes to any closed-toe shoe but these are by far worth the cost as they've held up for awhile now and are extremely comfy.

Shop my favorites below:


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blue Lace + Overcoming a Month of Sickness

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share not only this GORGEOUS lace dress that has been dying to be worn since April (impulse buy, heh..heh..), but touch a bit on the scariness of medications, birth control and the side effects as I was struggling with my health for almost an entire month!

This super flattering eyelet detailed midi-dress from Nordstrom was EVERYWHERE this Spring. I somehow managed to snag this gorgeous blue color + in my size back in April. Naturally, I haven't had an occasion to wear it but this is one of those keep-in-your-closet-forever dresses to whip out for any last minute spring/summer events!

These nude Kelly + Katie heels from DSW are insanely comfy -- the heel isn't too high and they were such a steal this past spring. I wore them to my cousin's wedding and they were such a hit and lasted 6+ hours of driving and dance floor groovin'.

More than an entire month ago I noticed the glands on my neck were super swollen. Of course when you're sick your glands will swell, but I barely had any symptoms of the common cold. After a whole week with these rock-sized suckers I decided to go to Immediate Care to check for mono (just in case). The test results came back negative but the doctor I saw gave me some medication to help with the swelling. What I didn't point out was the bug bite on my leg that had started bruising...

After about a week this 'bug bite' had turned into a huge welt, with more spreading all over both of my legs. They were super red, looked exactly like bruises and back to Immediate Care I went as they started to feel pretty painful. This doctor diagnosed me with Erythema Nodosum, an inflammatory disorder that causes bruising on your legs. She checked for strep (negative), and then told me to make a follow up appt. with my dermatologist.

Another week went by since I couldn't get in until that next Friday (mind you this is three weekends in a row I have spent at the doctor), and by this time I could barely even walk. The pain was so awful I remember limping around from my bed to the bathroom, having such a difficult time doing the easiest tasks of going up/down the stairs, in/out my car, etc. My legs were so purple he didn't think twice to giving me steroids. 

Now, if you haven't noticed I am a tiny person. I have to work 2x as hard to keep at a healthy weight, take all my vitamins, supplements, work out, etc. I have gastritis, IBS, many allergies and was not aware of alternatives to steroids. Plus the pain was so excruciating I didn't think twice about saying no. 

Immediately I noticed the pain went away. My dermatologist also recommended I switch my birth control which was very alarming as I had been on the pill for almost 2, 3 years and never experienced any side effects until now. While these steroids were doin' their thang, down plummeted my immune system. After two weeks of being on them I finally felt 100% healthy. My friends and I decided to go paddle boarding one weekend and the next week prior to that was the most pain I had ever been in my whole life.

I ended up getting a terrible infection in my lady area from that lake. They closed it down this past weekend to test for the blue-green algae as it's known to cause skin reactions, hives, etc. and lucky me got exactly that since my immune system was so wrecked at that point.

I'm not going to get into the gross details but the pain was so awful that I cried my eyes out every time I had to urinate because I could only go in the bathtub with freezing cold water. I was using my hair dryer to clean myself and laid in bed for an entire week straight. It's OK to laugh at some of this because it was such a ridiculous experience.

While this was all going on I had a fever, chills, canker sores ALL over my mouth and uvula causing pain in swallowing anything & an allergic reaction to another medication with bumps on my legs. I hit my bottom.

I ended up getting antibiotics, more pain killers, numbing gel, the whole works just to function. I kept praying to God to give me some kind of strength to keep going. I would sit on the floor and weep, not even remembering the last time I had been outside or eaten a full meal. I remember pacing in my room every night at 3AM because I had developed such a fear of urinating I had to talk myself through it every single time.

Finally after a few days the antibiotics kicked in and my body was healing. I wanted to share this experience as I feel like these things are important to share. Maybe it's TMI, maybe it's irrelevant but I did share this on my Instagram Story and had a lot of positive feedback from other people. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to share them below!

Thanks for reading -- I pray this NEVER happens to anyone. Read labels, look for other routes besides medication. Listen to your body. XOXO


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring to Summer Beauty Essentials

The weather is finally changing, the humidity is starting to set in and that means also swapping out beauty favorites to accommodate our changing skin texture! Today's post is all about some of my recent favorites, some new, some old, for a change in season for the warmer months ahead.

Recently I have been getting a couple questions on my tanner and this is the one I have been using for the past few weeks. I definitely prefer this to drugstore brand Jergens and St. Moritz, which I have both used religiously and I'm so glad I bit the bullet because you really can't compare the long lasting effect and blended texture of St. Tropez to the other brands. I apply 1x a week, at night and rinse off in the morning.

This blush is a gorgeous shade of burnt orange/pink, best for those with medium to dark or olive complexion. I've had this sucker for maybe two or three years and I just hit pan a couple months ago! Blends so well, the color pay off is great and definitely lasts longer for my dry skin compared to a wet-blush and beauty blender.

Y'all. This texturing spray is heaven sent. I did a quick insta story a couple weeks ago right after I had curled my hair and the volume was gorgeous. I just do a quick spritz at the end, a little at the root and then finger comb + scrunch to get that Jessie James Decker type of messy-do.

This stuff. Smells. SO good. I recently saw Emily Gemma rave about this on her blog and knew I had to try it. I love wearing my hair straight but my hair is so awfully damaged that it's hard to keep it looking healthy and shiny. Directions for this spray are to use after straightening, let sit for a few minutes before styling and voila! My hair is SO soft and looks so much shinier, without being greasy, with this spray. Perfect to tame your tresses when the humidity kicks in and you really want the precious time it took to actually STYLE your hair to pay off against the summer heat.

I love Skin Food brand, anything! I used to buy their face masks (ya know those 9.99 ones at Sephora in different colors?) for .11 each on Amazon! Ships (usually free, actually) from Korea but so worth it. I paint this mask on my nose and chin when my pores get considerably clogged from the heat, let sit and gently wipe away to avoid any redness. It's super non abrasive, great for sensitive skin and doesn't leave your face all dry.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Making Fitness FUN

Fitness. To some it is a regular part of everyday life. To others, it can be extremely daunting. I've definitely been on both ends of that, but have slowly made lifestyle choices to head me into a healthier, happier direction. Today's post is all about making fitness a fun part of your daily routine and some links to my favorite videos, apps and clothing to hopefully inspire you to take a few minutes or hours each day JUST for YOU.

Last summer I had joined a nearby gym and started to dive a little bit into fitness to start leading a healthier lifestyle. It wasn't until a series of (we've all been there), traumatic break ups and low points that I wanted to really make some physical and mental changes. I started working with an (awesome) trainer and slowly started seeing some progress in my muscle gain and most importantly, my mental state. I really surprised myself with how much I was actually capable of achieving. I now have a routine down and am so happy I have dedicated time to zone out of work, personal life, and anything else going on during the day to just focus on myself for (at least!) an hour. 

My favorite Youtube/Fitness Accounts:

Great for blasting fat, HIIT workouts, etc. I focus more on heavier weights + little cardio but I love their pictures, videos, yoga routines, etc. Every year they do their Bikini Series program to get you in shape for the summer season - live workouts, recipes, social media giveaway, etc.

She has SO many awesome videos for different scenarios i.e. Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Digestion. I recommend her 30 days of yoga, taking a few minutes each day for an entire month to introduce to the practice of yoga if you aren't sure where to start.

I would say this could be considered a series for those looking to really SWEAT. They have a ton of different videos with longer durations and it's really to do them with no weights or heavier weights.

I wish I could be friends with her in real life, she is so realistic and funny! I love her workouts because they're actually at a gym and her Instagram clips are great if you want to try something new at the last minute.

-- Instagram --

This girl is RIPPED. She is the ultimate definition of fitness mom goals to me (ha!) and she has some really great gym workout clips that I bookmark on the app for when I'm out of ideas, or just need a swift kick to the booty to get some motivation going.

Can I please live where she lives? This girl is always hiking, biking, running, or doing yoga in Colorado with the most gorgeous views! --Major girl crush on all her cute fitness outfits, too--

This account is my favorite source for unique leg and booty gain workouts from other Instagram users. Again, I bookmark these on the app when I need some new ideas!

-- Apps, Other --

I love this app because of how much more accurate it is to myfitnesspal. It's also more visually appealing, easier to search for different foods, it sends you reminders and also has meal plans with their premium version.

I typically choose Marshall's as my go-to for fitness clothes. I love the brand 90 Degree by Reflex because of how soft and long their leggings are. Their tank tops are super fitted, too which is great. 

Pictured here:


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jeggings > Jeans

If anyone were to pull open the drawers of my wardrobe, it wouldn't be a surprise to find that I only own maybe two or three REAL pairs of jeans. I have praised American Eagle jeggings for years and I will wear them to my grave (haha!)

They are seriously so so comfy. I have bought the black ones four times (actually stocked up in fear that they would discontinue them), then rejoiced when I knew they weren't actually going to and had them in multiple colors. I just bought these super cute, muted pink ones this season! They had a BOGO sale and I definitely wanted to take advantage of it.

They are the perfect mix of jean and legging but slightly more legging material. I love that they don't sit too high or too low at the waist and they're perfect with light, flowy tops. They have a couple knit pairs that they feature in fall/winter that are perfect for the cold weather but this pink pair is a lighter fabric - great for spring!


Friday, March 31, 2017

Florida Sun

Take me back to the Sunshine State 🌞 in March I had the great opportunity to travel to Florida for work and decided it would be great to start the weekend early visiting some Disney and Universal parks with my boyfriend. Naturally, I put him to good use and forced him to get my pictures for this post 🤗😚

I scored this super soft and flowy maxi skirt + bandeau top set from Hollister earlier that month and couldn't wait to wear it in Florida. It was perfect for the Florida heat and humidity.

I'm 5'6" wearing the XS skirt and top - in case you were wondering if it would be long enough for you! I feel like it could have been a tad bit longer but the length was still do-able.

I found the cutest Etsy shop for simple, dainty jewelry this month, too. Love this April birthstone necklace from Lolabean. I wore it literally all weekend long. (I'm wearing the shortest chain length here). 

Outfit details

Here are a few other pictures from our trip!

Very disappointed in my tastebuds for not liking butter beer.

We spent Friday at Disney's Hollywood studios and Saturday at Universal's Island of Adventure. I've been to both parks many times but it was so fun seeing Adam's reaction to everything. We definitely wish we spent a couple more days just relaxing since it was go go go all weekend but we still had a great time none the less.

We stayed at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort which I absolutely loved. I made reservations with my AAA card so was able to get a really great deal, especially for spring break. The hotel staff was so friendly and helpful, the decor was so modern and clean and the pool + view was so relaxing to sit outside on the balcony and listen to the guitarists. 

Adam is one of the funniest people I've ever met and is always go with the flow so it was great to spend time spontaneously planning our dinners, spending our first night eating Chili's and watching the game in our hotel room and complaining about how insanely expensive yet delicious our breakfast was every morning. Can't wait for our next trip, wherever it may be!

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