Monday, February 9, 2015

4 Websites Every Girl Should Visit During Their College Years

Today I'm starting a new tradition on my blog.. (let's hope I stick with it!) On College Friday I'll be sharing anything and everything related to college! Whether it's a college outfit, what to bring to a game, or helpful study tips I love reading posts like these and hope you will too.

From academic advice, to sorority tips and relationship advice, Her Campus is such a great website to visit when you need a study break or are laying in bed on a Sunday morning. Here are some of my favoite articles

2. Mint

Mint is one of the best websites when it comes to managing money. Connect your bank account to see how much money is coming in and out of your accounts, set budgets for yourself and see what categories you're spending the most money on. This website has definitely changed the way I manage my money. Looking at the alerts is like instant depression but hey, that means it's working, right!? I also have long term goals of certain amounts I need to have in my account by a certain period of time. I also have the Mint app on my phone so I recieve alerts not just by email but also when I open my phone. I highly recommend this website and app for any college girl!

I've talked about this website in some of my Youtube videos, but this website is one of the most important resources I've used in my entire college career thus far (google drive is a close second, haha!). My entire first semester of community college I spent all of my money for textbooks at the bookstore. What a huge mistake that was. SlugBooks lets you type in the ISBN number or title of the book you are trying to find, then compares the prices with trusted online book renter/seller sites. I save a ridiculous amount of money each time I do this every semester. Some books I'll get for even 2 cents. 

Rachel, Emily and Shelby of Quarterlette have done such an amazing job with their website. Their articles are informative, inviting and inspirational. These are the articles that need to be read. Not stories about celebrities on our Facebook feed or loop videos on social media. 


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