Sunday, January 25, 2015

"I Need More!" My 2015 Resolution - Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Lead a More Minimalist Lifestyle (Closet Edition)

Blogging and Youtube have opened so many doors for me in 2014. With all the rush of great opportunities, it's easy to get carried away with social media and the whirlwind of needing to buy more things to post more content. This year I pledged to myself to lead a more minimalist lifestyle - cutting back on spending and making use of what I have already. Here are simple steps I'm taking as a college student/professed shopaholic to leading a more minimalist lifestyle everyday this year.

1. Purge My Wardrobe

I am constantly getting rid of clothes I don't need but earlier this month I really did toss a lot of useless items in my closet. I make it a habit to get rid of things in my closet on a monthly basis. I ask myself:

Have I worn this in the past 5 months?

Did I wear this last year during this same season?

Will I ever fit into this again?

Could someone else get more use out of this than me?

2. Buy for quality, not quantity

The past few months I have been buying my clothes for the quality of the garment and not for how many cheap bracelets or dingy pairs of shoes I can get my hands on. I ask myself these questions when I'm purchasing my clothes:

Will I be able to wear this when I enter the workforce?

How many years of use will this item last me?

Will I be able to pair this in multiple outfits?

Is this brand known for manufacturing high quality items?

3. Along with being aware of certain factors when purchasing my items, one attribute that I have prided myself on the last couple of years is taking care of the items that I already do own. Instead of buying things without will, I like to spend more time cleaning my possessions and I continue to follow this ritual throughout my life. I like to care for:

Specialty garments - Paying attention to fabrics and hand washing and dry cleaning when needed

Shoes - Properly cleaning and storing them so they will last me many years and be worth every dollar 

Jewelry - storing and cleaning pieces so they will last a lifetime

 I feel that a huge consumer behavior trend in the fashion industry is to own as many items as we can. We are always trying to "one-up" the other person and own the latest and greatest pieces. This is not true for many people yet very true to others. One of my main goals for 2015 is to reduce my need to constantly shop out of boredom or sadness, to take care of my items rather than buying more and neglecting what I already have, and to buy for quality, not quantity. Although I have set this standard for myself, I need to remember that it's okay to spoil myself once in awhile. Many people like to spend their money on food, travel, games or music. Shoes are my vice :)

I hope this post has brought inspiration to your day. Feel free to leave me any questions, comments or advice below. I love hearing from readers!


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