Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chicago New Years Getaway

Happy New Year everyone! For my Christmas present, my boyfriend took me into the city to stay in a hotel and explore for a few days! It was the perfect gift and I had such a great time. We have a long distance relationship so it was great spending time with him before I start a new semester. Here are some pictures from the first day!

We took the train into the city and checked into the Godfrey Hotel. It was very modern and sleek, which we both loved. We stayed on the top floor and had a great view of the city. After we got settled in, we had plans to go ice skating at the new Maggie Daley ribbon rink but it was so crowded and cold out that we left and walked around Millennium Park instead.

We headed back up Michigan Ave. to sit down for dinner at a restaurant that I'd been looking forward to eating at, The Grand Lux Cafe. The restaurant has a 'venetian' theme and was designed by the founder of The Cheesecake Factory. If you have been to that restaurant then you'll see some details very similar to it in this one.

Our food was great, Matt loves his meat so he had pork sliders and mac n cheese with bacon. I have an ever lasting love for sandwiches so I ordered a turkey and brie sandwich with apples, cherries, apricots and arugula. The raspberry lemonade was amazing, too. Probably the best lemonade I'd ever had in my life... and I've had a lot of lemonade... ;)

Thanks for reading!
Check back again this week for Day #2!


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