Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lush Haul - December 2015

I love a good bath and body haul... Lush, to be exact.

You know when you walk into Target and that bullseye hypnotizes you? You lose control. Frantically buying everything in sight. You're a power house. I get that with Lush.

It's not that I lose all self control. I just tend to buy more than I should because I know I won't revisit for another 5 or 6 months due to location. Sooo I stock up! It was a danger zone in there but I'm very excited at what I purchased. Some were gifts and some were for my personal use. Let's go!

How gorgeous is this Karma Bubble Bar? I don't even want to use it. I just want to display it in my bathroom. Directions say to run under water while drawing bath - more water pressure = more bubbles. This bar smells like a mix of orange and middle eastern spices. So yummy!

Look at that glitter. So. pretty.

Moving on...

Rose Jam Bubbleroom - this bubble bar looks just like a French macaron! The main ingredient in this bar is rose oil, giving it it's sweet, decadent scent. Rose is great for soothing sensitive skin and giving back moisturize wherever you might have a dry patch. Perfect for the wintery months ahead!

How pretty are these white stars? These Stardust bath bombs are made with Fair Trade vanilla extract  and smell SO GOOD. I also love that their sparkles are made with biodegradable materials and not plastic. I gifted these to my boyfriend's two cousins - I hope they love it!

I actually purchased this Creamy Candy Bubble Bar a few months back. I've been saving it have been swooning over the scent since I purchased it. I love the vanilla scent it gives off during a crumbling in the bath. With a cold this week I decided to draw a bath to relieve some congestion and oh boy my skin felt so soft I completely forgot to use lotion.

I can definitely smell why this is a best-seller. Let the Good Times Roll is my first-ever shower scrub. The scent is heavy, like caramel-butter popcorn and smells so so so delicious. I have to restrain myself from trying to nibble a piece whenever I use it. How cute is the jar!?

This Honey Bee Bath Bomb is definitely my favorite pick of this haul. If it wasn't obvious from my blog theme I love anything having to do with bees, honey, flowers, etc. The scent is wonderful, it definitely smells like more of a luxurious product. One of my favorite things about Lush is that item looks a bit different. This bath bomb gets its brown coloring from Moroccan Rhassoul mud - gently cleansing and softening the skin.

Big Blue is definitely not something I would have initially reached for. I'm not particularly a fan of scents that give hint to the oceanside but I decided to try something new. I've also seen images on their Instagram page of this bath bomb in use and the color is amazing in the tub. One of the main ingredients is Arame Seaweed, softening skin when wet.

I hope you found this review helpful, let me know if you've tried any of these and if you'll be picking up your own products too!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara - Influenster Review

My favorite packages come in little black boxes...

Today I'm sharing another product review that was sent over from Influenster. If you have not been on Influenster here is my profile page. I've reviewed many products before and they just seem to get better and better every month. Although these products were sent to me, all opinions are my own.

So a quick overview on my lashes: I have very long lashes, but not that many. Pretty sparse actually. Whenever I use mascara I tend to get that spider-leg look. 

When I first used this mascara I noticed the hourglass shape with dozens of tiny little fibers on the bristle. I knew right away this would provide amazing volume - and I was right! Each fiber coats my lashes evenly so I'm not left with the spider legs look. 

My lashes also tend to droop downward and I noticed they're stayed curled throughout the whole day - another win!!

This product is a great gift for the holidays, and maybe a graduation or birthday present as well. 


Friday, February 13, 2015

7 Working Girl Quotes You Need On Your Pinterest Board

Everyone needs a little inspiration every once in awhile! Here are some of my favorite quotes that keep me focused on my long term goals. Set these as your computer wallpaper, your phone's lock screen, or print them out and post it on a bulletin board. Whatever you do, just remember that every day is a new chance to take baby steps in bettering yourself personally, career-wise, or educationally. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Faux Leather Outfit

One of my favorite trends this past year has been to mix soft, colorful tops with hard, edgier pieces. Mixing these two moods together definitely makes it easier to get away with wearing clothes you wouldn't normally add into your wardrobe. These faux-leather paneled jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters are so insanely comfy. AEO is my favorite place to find great fitting pants. The material so stretchy and comfortable I've had to restrain myself from wearing them more than once a week. 

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but I also find it extremely hard to wear with my skin tone and hair color. I'm usually more of a mustard yellow kind of girl but when I saw this top at H&M, I knew I couldn't pass it up. I love wearing pieces that have hidden details. Both my top and bottoms have a different look to them from behind. 

To finish this look I added animal print to my choice of shoe with these leopard flats . These go great with so many outfits. I find myself constantly gravitating to this pair more than any other lately. They are super comfortable and can be worn all year round!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Shades of Blue

Happy Monday, everyone! The months from January to March always seem to drag on for me. At this point I'm so tired of winter and wearing hundreds of layers. I think the worst part about winter, for me, is having to pack everything up, turn into the kid from A Christmas Story and walk across campus to my next class. To make these cold days a little more exciting, I always try to wear cute winter accessories. Blue has been one of my go-to colors this season. Wearing multiple tones of one color is one of my favorite ways to accessorize. A soft blue pullover and white jeans make my outfit feel crisp and clean. To jazz it up a bit I added this royal blue scarf to give the outfit some dimension (and keep me nice and warm!). 


Olive & Tan | Blanket Scarf and Heels

Winter may still be here but my mind is certainly focused on warmer waeather ahead. I decided to whip out my blanket scarf for one of the last times this year. I'm extremely picky with my fabrics but Juliana's Boutique did a spectacular job finding this beauty. This scarf is so impressively soft I love dark green and navy colors of the print. 

Going along with my green trend today, I paired this look with 
army green colored pants
. This is a slightly more expensive pair by Joe Fresh at JCPenney, but they are well worth the price. These ponte knit pants are a more dressier pant that can be worn for meetings and presentations when you just don't want to wear a skirt or dress.

Another new favorite find this year has been these baby heeled pointed to flats I snatched up from Target for less than $15! These are the perfect shoe for career fairs, presentations or meetings with clients when you know you need be up on your feet all day.

Shop Juliana's Boutique with my coupon code "sally" for 10% off your purchase!

Although their blanket scarves are currently sold out and out of stock, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook as they prepare to launch their Spring Collection!


4 Websites Every Girl Should Visit During Their College Years

Today I'm starting a new tradition on my blog.. (let's hope I stick with it!) On College Friday I'll be sharing anything and everything related to college! Whether it's a college outfit, what to bring to a game, or helpful study tips I love reading posts like these and hope you will too.

From academic advice, to sorority tips and relationship advice, Her Campus is such a great website to visit when you need a study break or are laying in bed on a Sunday morning. Here are some of my favoite articles

2. Mint

Mint is one of the best websites when it comes to managing money. Connect your bank account to see how much money is coming in and out of your accounts, set budgets for yourself and see what categories you're spending the most money on. This website has definitely changed the way I manage my money. Looking at the alerts is like instant depression but hey, that means it's working, right!? I also have long term goals of certain amounts I need to have in my account by a certain period of time. I also have the Mint app on my phone so I recieve alerts not just by email but also when I open my phone. I highly recommend this website and app for any college girl!

I've talked about this website in some of my Youtube videos, but this website is one of the most important resources I've used in my entire college career thus far (google drive is a close second, haha!). My entire first semester of community college I spent all of my money for textbooks at the bookstore. What a huge mistake that was. SlugBooks lets you type in the ISBN number or title of the book you are trying to find, then compares the prices with trusted online book renter/seller sites. I save a ridiculous amount of money each time I do this every semester. Some books I'll get for even 2 cents. 

Rachel, Emily and Shelby of Quarterlette have done such an amazing job with their website. Their articles are informative, inviting and inspirational. These are the articles that need to be read. Not stories about celebrities on our Facebook feed or loop videos on social media. 


Sunday, January 25, 2015

"I Need More!" My 2015 Resolution - Questions to Ask Yourself in Order to Lead a More Minimalist Lifestyle (Closet Edition)

Blogging and Youtube have opened so many doors for me in 2014. With all the rush of great opportunities, it's easy to get carried away with social media and the whirlwind of needing to buy more things to post more content. This year I pledged to myself to lead a more minimalist lifestyle - cutting back on spending and making use of what I have already. Here are simple steps I'm taking as a college student/professed shopaholic to leading a more minimalist lifestyle everyday this year.

1. Purge My Wardrobe

I am constantly getting rid of clothes I don't need but earlier this month I really did toss a lot of useless items in my closet. I make it a habit to get rid of things in my closet on a monthly basis. I ask myself:

Have I worn this in the past 5 months?

Did I wear this last year during this same season?

Will I ever fit into this again?

Could someone else get more use out of this than me?

2. Buy for quality, not quantity

The past few months I have been buying my clothes for the quality of the garment and not for how many cheap bracelets or dingy pairs of shoes I can get my hands on. I ask myself these questions when I'm purchasing my clothes:

Will I be able to wear this when I enter the workforce?

How many years of use will this item last me?

Will I be able to pair this in multiple outfits?

Is this brand known for manufacturing high quality items?

3. Along with being aware of certain factors when purchasing my items, one attribute that I have prided myself on the last couple of years is taking care of the items that I already do own. Instead of buying things without will, I like to spend more time cleaning my possessions and I continue to follow this ritual throughout my life. I like to care for:

Specialty garments - Paying attention to fabrics and hand washing and dry cleaning when needed

Shoes - Properly cleaning and storing them so they will last me many years and be worth every dollar 

Jewelry - storing and cleaning pieces so they will last a lifetime

 I feel that a huge consumer behavior trend in the fashion industry is to own as many items as we can. We are always trying to "one-up" the other person and own the latest and greatest pieces. This is not true for many people yet very true to others. One of my main goals for 2015 is to reduce my need to constantly shop out of boredom or sadness, to take care of my items rather than buying more and neglecting what I already have, and to buy for quality, not quantity. Although I have set this standard for myself, I need to remember that it's okay to spoil myself once in awhile. Many people like to spend their money on food, travel, games or music. Shoes are my vice :)

I hope this post has brought inspiration to your day. Feel free to leave me any questions, comments or advice below. I love hearing from readers!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Silver Stripes - My Favorite Textured Skater Skirts

I love wearing outfits that showcase one amazing piece. Whether it be a statement necklace, an amazing pair of shoes or a body con dress, I am all for outfits that don't need any effort to put together. Skater skirts were everywhere the past couple of years and I love when simple pieces are redesigned. This silver, striped skirt is such a great piece for these winter months. The fabric is heavy and textured, making it more luxurious and easy to dress up. You may still be able to find my skirt at your local Dry Goods store but here are some of my favorite textured skater skirts for winter! The skirt from Lord and Taylor is pretty much an exact match!

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