Friday, November 14, 2014

Favorite Youtube Channels

This week I'm sharing my favorite Bloggers and Youtubers! My last post featured my favorite bloggers. I watch a huge variety of people on Youtube. It may seem like I just watch fashion and makeup videos but I really watch so many different channels actually. Here are just a few of my favorites...

One of my favorite joys in life is pranking people. My second favorite joy is watching someone else do it. I've been watching Jesse and Jeana's videos for years. My boyfriend and I have made it a tradition to only watch their videos when we're together so we basically have a marathon of their prank videos and their vlog videos for hours at a time. They're such a great couple and are an inspiration to so many people. They don't let youtube fame get to them and really love their fans. They are by far my favorite Youtubers of all time.

Allison's videos make me want to sit on a comfy bed, drink tea, smell candles, and read books all day. When I know my day is going to be hectic I know that I can have five minutes of peace and watch her videos while I get ready in the morning. Even though I don't have the same skin tone or hair color as her I can't stop watching her videos! She edits them so well and is so funny at describing products. She's very truthful and also does not let Youtube get to the best of her. Not sure how I ever found her channel but I am sure glad I did.

The first video I ever watched of his was his West Coast, Lana Del Rey cover. I can't even describe his voice because it's unlike anyone's that I've ever heard. His voice is so comforting. He has so much talent. I've watched many people on Youtube sing and I can tell he's going to go far. His voice is so rich and you can really hear his passion when he sings. My favorite uploads are
I Forgot Where We Were
Take you Away
If you like Ben Howard, you will love this guy. 

This guy is hilarious. When I was waiting weeks for my camera to arrive I watched all of his videos on cool things to do with your DSLR and just a bunch of other great tips he shared. He's super blunt and witty and sarcastic all in one. He reviews tons of cameras and makes videos with his other friends too. His british accent makes it 10x more enjoyable to watch, too. 

I could watch this guy all day. He is like the male version of Oprah. Whenever I need a pick me up or a boost of motivation I always watch Alex's videos. And I don't mean once. I mean I will repeatedly watch them in the span of a few days. I even listen to podcasts that he has been in. He is such a great speaker and is so successful. He has come from a life of nothing and has built this amazing life with his wife. They have a huge successful business and his videos center around motivational talks and how to have the best life you can live.


The first video I ever watched of Kassie's was her Why Your Skincare Routine Isn't Working video. From then on, I was hooked. Kassie's channel is one that I always turn to when I need advice on new foods to try, great skin care tips or even just a great laugh. She and her boyfriend, Terry, make hilarious short videos. Her content is quick and to-the-point while still explaining a lot of valuable information. I still find myself re-watching some older videos of hers from time to time and I love listening to her tips when I get ready in the morning.


Watching Leigh Ann's videos is like talking to your best friend. She's very informative about the products she uses. She gives really detailed tutorials and is always commenting back on her social media platforms. I have bought so many things because of her... Not sure if that's a good or bad thing ;) Her style is very much her own and you can definitely hear the passion in her voice when she rants about funny stories or a failed product. I've been a subscriber for almost 2 years and I don't think I'll ever get tired of her Friday Eve videos :) 

Once again, if I listed all of my favorite Youtube channels I would be typing for a week straight. These are just some channels that are my all time favorites and that I always turn to for great content. I hope you have found some new channels to subscribe to, let me know of any channels you like that you think I should check out! :)


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