Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Instagram Roundup

Happy Wednesday! Here's the latest on my Instagram..

New video! I hadn't sat down to record a video in weeks so I decided to do a collective haul of things I had purchased the past month or two. I also mention my favorite Etsy shops for purchasing bow bracelets and bangles :) 

Watch it here

I finally got shellac nails! I had put it off for years because my nails were so frail and would split constantly. I had a gift card and have also been taking a hair, skin and nails vitamin the past year so I decided to finally do it! I'm not sure of the exact color or number but it is a very dark purple. I love not having to do my nails every few days!

Another new video! Styling some of my favorite all black pieces for fall.

Watch it here

This photo was reposted by Marshall's! I was over the moon when I had seen that they reposted it to their account.. (basically every blogger's dream)!

Lately my outfits for class have revolved solely around booties and jeans. To add more femininity to this dark outfit I decided to wear a peplum top and some gold jewelry.

My boyfriend was home this weekend! We've both been extremely busy with school so we had a great weekend just hanging out. On Sunday we drove about 30 minutes just to get some apple donuts... but they were totally worth it ;)


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