Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Busy (College) Girl's Wardrobe Guide

College schedules can be extremely busy and the last thing you want to worry about is not knowing what to wear, right?? Well do I have the solution for you ;)

I have put together a cheat sheet for those busy days when you have either
a) woken up late because you were studying and/or watching netflix all night
b) too stressed to care about your outfit
c) want to look put together without breaking the bank

When I run out of ideas I definitely turn to these quick and easy outfits. The best thing about these outfits is that they are super comfy!! I have also provided links to all of these outfit pieces in case you want to shop for the exact looks :)

I love graphic tees. I chose this as the top because they're so versatile. They are so easy to layer and a lot of fabrics can be super soft and comfy. 1) Holy Chic 2) Saturday is Better 3) Take Me to Paris 4) Bon Voyage

I definitely turn to pants when I'm getting ready quickly and want to be comfy. American Eagle is my favorite place to get jeans because they offer jeggings, which to me, are so much comfier than regular jeans. I especially love the distressed look this season and even destroyed a pair of my own yesterday as a little DIY project. I actually own 3 pairs of the black pants from Kohl's, they're so comfy!! 1) White jegging 2) Black jegging 3) Light wash 4) Dark wash

These are some of my favorite picks for footwear. When you're walking around campus you want shoes that are easy to throw on and are comfortable to walk around in. 1) Pointed flats 2) Leopard slipper 3) Riding boots 4) White low tops converse

Having a great bag and can really put your whole outfit together. I use a backpack for day to day classes but if I have one night class I will usually carry my books and use a regular purse. Here are some of my favorite neutral bags that will go with any outfit. 1) white cross body 2) brown cross body 3) black tote 4) gold clutch

Accessories are the final touch for a simple outfit. I wear a watch everyday to feel more dressy but I also like to throw on a simple statement necklace, long necklace, or bracelet. Do you notice my gold trend? ;) 1) Tassel necklace 2) chunky necklace 3) bib necklace 4) pave link bracelet 5) rose gold watch 



  1. Love all of your picks! I need all of the graphic tees in my closet, ASAP!

    xo Kylie

    1. Aw thanks for reading!!! The graphic tees are my favorite part! :)


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