Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Busy (College) Girl's Wardrobe Guide

College schedules can be extremely busy and the last thing you want to worry about is not knowing what to wear, right?? Well do I have the solution for you ;)

I have put together a cheat sheet for those busy days when you have either
a) woken up late because you were studying and/or watching netflix all night
b) too stressed to care about your outfit
c) want to look put together without breaking the bank

When I run out of ideas I definitely turn to these quick and easy outfits. The best thing about these outfits is that they are super comfy!! I have also provided links to all of these outfit pieces in case you want to shop for the exact looks :)

I love graphic tees. I chose this as the top because they're so versatile. They are so easy to layer and a lot of fabrics can be super soft and comfy. 1) Holy Chic 2) Saturday is Better 3) Take Me to Paris 4) Bon Voyage

I definitely turn to pants when I'm getting ready quickly and want to be comfy. American Eagle is my favorite place to get jeans because they offer jeggings, which to me, are so much comfier than regular jeans. I especially love the distressed look this season and even destroyed a pair of my own yesterday as a little DIY project. I actually own 3 pairs of the black pants from Kohl's, they're so comfy!! 1) White jegging 2) Black jegging 3) Light wash 4) Dark wash

These are some of my favorite picks for footwear. When you're walking around campus you want shoes that are easy to throw on and are comfortable to walk around in. 1) Pointed flats 2) Leopard slipper 3) Riding boots 4) White low tops converse

Having a great bag and can really put your whole outfit together. I use a backpack for day to day classes but if I have one night class I will usually carry my books and use a regular purse. Here are some of my favorite neutral bags that will go with any outfit. 1) white cross body 2) brown cross body 3) black tote 4) gold clutch

Accessories are the final touch for a simple outfit. I wear a watch everyday to feel more dressy but I also like to throw on a simple statement necklace, long necklace, or bracelet. Do you notice my gold trend? ;) 1) Tassel necklace 2) chunky necklace 3) bib necklace 4) pave link bracelet 5) rose gold watch 


Monday, August 25, 2014

What Would Blair Waldorf Do?

 Today's post features one of my new favorite accessories, the Blair bow bracelet from PreppyBowsandSass on Etsy! I love the combination of navy and gold for fall and this outfit is definitely one of my favorites as we transition into the fall months but still wan't to wear comfortable, light clothing.

This is also my first post styling my new obsession - white converse! White is probably my favorite color.. It just looks so clean and fresh. I have white sheets and furniture and tons of white clothes and shoes and I'm very finicky when it comes to cleaning everything haha! 

Outfit Details
Top - Agaci
Bottoms (similar) - American Eage
Shoes - Converse
Clutch (similar) - Old Navy
Sunglasses - American Eagle
Necklace (similar) - Charming Charlie? Or JCPenney? shoot I can't remember...
Bow Bracelet - PreppyBowsandSass


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bangles on Bangles

Today on the blog I am pairing my new favorite bangles from JetChicArmCandy with shades of teal, brown, and gold. As you can see, my wrist is extremely tiny. I was nervous that my bangles wouldn't fit me, but the owner of JetChicArmCandy is really great at customizing sizes!! I purchased these two bangles and one other during a flash sale that she hosted, so make sure to follow her Instagram so you don't miss one ;) You can win your own gorgeous stack of bangles in my giveaway. Just check out my Instagram a few posts back for all the details. The giveaway ends this Saturday!!

Top (similar) - Forever21
Bottoms - Forever21
Necklace (similar) - Target
Bangles - JetChicArmCandy
Bag (similar) - gift
Sandals - Target


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Afternoon in the City

For today's post I'm sharing some pictures I took a couple of weeks back in the city. My friend and I live about an hour outside the city. We also missed 2 trains (haha) so we didn't do too much but she had never been to Millennium Park so we grabbed a late lunch and just explored the city. Here are some of my favorite pictures that we took during the day.

Our view during lunch!

And here is what I wore...

We stopped by the beautiful Cancer Survivors' Garden. Right behind my is the museum! 

We picked a great late afternoon to spend in Chicago. Although we didn't have anything planned, it was still fun to walk around and get a feel for it ourselves. Since we weren't running around trying to get to the next store or tour or building, we had so much time to discover small gardens and some amazing architecture. We even got lost a handful of times which just helped us learn more about the streets and where they are in relation to the stations and landmarks. If you have not visited Chicago, definitely put it on your bucket list :) You won't be disappointed.

Outfit Details
Top (similar) - Forever21
Vest - Maurice's
Pants (similar) - Old Navy
Sandals (similar) - Tommy Hilfiger (Marshall's)
Bag (similar) - Nordstrom BP
Necklace (similar) - Baublebar
Watch - Target
Red bracelet (similar) - gift
Beaded bracelet (similar) - Charming Charlie

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School - Pamper Weekend

I know many students are going back to school this week. This semester I will be a junior in college (*home alone scream*)!!! I've been so busy with work this past week I have decided to take off this whole weekend to focus on relaxing and prepping myself for my first week of classes. 

And by prepping myself I mean devoting the next 2 days to pampering myself. Here are some of my go-to products that I use when I really want to treat myself. Mind you, many of these products are expensive for an average college student, so I use them on special occasions like my birthday, finals week, etc. These are also great back to school gifts that any girl would LOVE to get. 

1) Lush Bath Bubble Bar and Bath Bomb - I love these products. I definitely use these very sparingly. I will usually cut it in half then save whatever I have not used that night! These little beauts turn your water into whatever color the bomb is and release an amazing fragrance. The purple bath bomb on the bottom smells AMAZING (it's cinnamon!)

2) The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - I actually do have that giant tub, haha!! I got it on sale though, so if you are looking to buy one, definitely wait until they go on sale and purchase the giant tub - so worth it. This makes my skin feel so hydrated (perfect for dry skin after being out in the sun all summer long) and the scent reminds me of vacationing to some tropical place :)

3) Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub - The scent is not the most pleasing, but it definitely gets the job done. I use a very mild, almost milky consistency of a face wash, then I like to follow up with this product to get rid of all of my black heads (gross!) If you do not want to commit to the large sizes, you can get the trial package! It includes this product and the next one...

Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask - This stuff literally smells like you just whipped open a can of pumpkin puree. I think pumpkin is a hit or miss scent for many people and it's definitely a hit in my book. If you do not like pumpkin, don't get this product. Other than that, I love this stuff! I will use it maybe once a week after the scrub. I do have sensitive skin so I have to be careful where I apply it or else it will burn hahaha...

4) Clinique All About Eyes - I apply this product on my upper and lower lids, very gently. I use a patting motion rather than a rubbing motion so that it is applied on thicker. This is especially great for people with seasonal allergies. I know when I wake up my eyes feel so puffy and sometimes my medicine won't kick in by the time I leave the house, so this stuff is great when you need an extra oomf and don't want to look like you've been crying all morning haha!

5) Morgan Taylor Nail Polishes in On the Fringe and Met My Match - I love a good neutral polish. During the summer I definitely get a lot of use out of my bright corals and blues but when I want to feel like I can conquer the world I definitely opt for a neutral shade. I received these polishes as a gift this past Easter, and they are my all-time favorite polishes in the world! They apply extremely opaque and are never clumpy. I've only needed 1 coat every time I've applied these polishes. I also love how the website displays the color options! It's extremely difficult to judge a color from it's bottle, but the website displays them in their true shades. 

6) L'oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm - This product says to leave in for 3-5 minutes, but I actually use it over night and put my hair in a shower cap. I've tried using coconut oil on my hair and I actually think I like this better! Since I am usually outside all day during the summer months, my hair takes a beating from the sun and chlorine of pools. When I'm finished using this it feels soo silky smooth and soft!! I find that CVS has the best deals for hair and beauty products, so definitely check it out at your local store. 

So that wraps up my pamper weekend products! Let me know if you have tried anything that you swear by!! I love testing out new products for the bath and body :) Good luck to any students that are going back to school this month or the next!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Origami Skort - Look #2

As you may have seen from a post I did awhile back, I styled my origami skort with an edgier vibe with a black top and stripy heels. Here I have taken the opposite approach, with white accessories and a floral top. Although I could not find the exact top at JCPenney's website anymore, I did find something similar in this floral design and cut of this blouse. I think if I had to describe my personal style, it would definitely be in this picture alone. I love feminine pieces that are conservative, like this floral top that reaches up to my neck, but I also love pieces that remind me of street style, like the modern, geometric cut of this skort. I love the look of demi wedges, they just instantly make an outfit more dressed up to me. This outfit is very easy to recreate. I found my origami skort online, but you can find it in several stores and boutiques now! Check the outfit details below for links to similar products. Don't forget to watch my Youtube video at the bottom - I had a lot of fun editing this one! :)

Which look was your favorite?

Outfit Details
Top (similar) - JCPenney
Origami Skort  (similar) - Ebay find
Demi Wedges (similar) - Old Navy
Clutch (similar) - Old Navy
Sunglasses - American Eagle


Saturday, August 9, 2014

End of Summer Instagram Giveaway!

I am so excited to be hosting this giveaway with my friend Kylie from DressinSparkles
Kylie and I have been planning this giveaway for about a month now and we are finally ready to release it! We have collaborated with some great Etsy companies to give 1 winner an amazing package of summer filled goodies!

This is an Instagram giveaway contest, so you can find all of the info and links on my profile Sallymander9 

Here are all of the items we will be giving away...

A stack of bangles from JetChicArmCandy 

A makeup bag with some mini versions of my favorite summer products and nail polish colors

A minnie bulletin board with pompom pushpin and pompom magnets from MadeInTheShadeShop

A super cute Starbucks cup & $15 gift card from Kylie

A DSLR camera strap from TwoLittleLollipops

A $25 gift card to WhenItRainsShop

Not pictured in this collage but included in this giveaway is a $15 gift card to PreppyBowsandSass

To enter to win you must follow all of the accounts mentioned and use the hashtag #SandKGiveaway
The last day to enter the giveaway is August 23rd.
The winner will be announced on August 24th.
Good luck!!! :)

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