Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Virtual Blog Tour

I love making friends via social media, and a new friend I've made is Becky from Made In The Shade Blog! Becky is participating in a giveaway that I've planned with my friend Kylie from Dress In Sparkles (oops not a secret anymore ;)) Becky has tagged Kylie and I to do the Virtual Blog Tour Tag! Woohoo!!!

Before I jump into the tag, you can see Becky's post here
She also has an Etsy shop filled with adorable paper goods for weddings and other occasions! Visit her shop here

This is a fun tag going around that lets you get to know the writers behind the blogs! :) Here we go!

What am I currently working on?
-Right now I am working on expanding my blog and Youtube channel. I've had a lot of positive feedback on my Youtube channel this past year, so lately I've been working on bettering my videos, but alas my Final Cut Pro free trial has ended (tear). I've been thinking of new content for my videos and new ways to edit and brand myself.

How does my work differ from others in this genre?
I think what makes my blog different is that I also have a Youtube channel of videos that go with many of my blog posts. I also think my content is different because a lot of my outfits are extremely affordable, since I am a broke college student ;). Many people are surprised at where I get my clothes or for the price that I get them for and I love sharing that with people. You definitely don't need to have a lot of money to dress well.

Why do I write what I do?
Before I had my blog I had my Youtube channel. Many people don't know that. I made my channel as a creative outlet because at the time I was OBSESSED with makeup (that phase ended quickly). I also created my channel out of complete boredom because all of my friends had gone away for school and I went to our community college. I mostly stopped making those types of videos because my passion wasn't there anymore. I don't wear many different types of makeup because of skin allergies and I also like how I look without a lot of makeup on anyway. I still know a lot about makeup, but I have decided to focus my channel on what I'm really interested in - clothes. I've always been the one friend in the group to always dress up even when everyone is sitting around. When I look good I feel good, and I also dress up because I am a full time nanny for many different families, so I don't wear my best clothes when I work. Any opportunity I have to dress up and get out of the house, I take. I love to share good deals on clothes and inspire people to dress up at any chance they get. I think your clothes are a reflection of yourself and I definitely channel that with the clothes in my wardrobe. 

How does my writing process work?
Hmm.. yea.. don't have one. ;)
Since I nanny all day, I don't necessarily have time to take blog post pictures before I leave the house. I usually dedicate a day or two out of the week to take some pictures of an outfit that I've worn the same week or plan on wearing. On rare occasions I will force my brother to take my pictures before I head out, but I mostly just grab my tripod and head to some local places to record a quick video or two. I do plan on having some type of schedule for my videos and blog posts in the next month, so keep an eye out for changes that will be made ;)
I can't wait until classes start again in the fall so that I have another excuse to dress up! :)

WHEW that took forever.. sorry ;) 
If you've made it to the end of this post, thank you so much for reading! haha!

To carry on this tag, I am asking my friend Darcy from A Memory of Us to share her blogging experience! Head on over to her blog to see her latest posts :)


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